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same comapay just changed their name due to all the press they got!!! stay clear!!! do not give them your credit card!!!! run by children!!!

They dont even pay their staff on time!!! never mind market their customers in the correct manner.

take a look!!!

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I recently fell for the promises

made by a slick talking sales person from Chrome Media too.

They have taken $312.00 so far.

I tried to cancel the deal via their email cancellation site

but it was impossible to "submit"

They want a written cancellation

by recorded mail but their address is also sus. Three

different addresses have been given to me so I am assuming a

recorded letter would not reach

Chrome Media under any circumstances. I had to cancel

my account in order to stop any more money going to this fake company. I have alerted Consumer Protection about them and all my contacts.


my brother in law recentlty had employment with chrome media, after two weeks he was informed that the company was under new management and all new members of staff where being laid off . bad news , sure , but in this economical climate its not unheard of.

For approx six weeks we have tried to get the wages he was owed but to no avail . Originally we where told that he was owed aprox three hundred pounds and it would be split over two weeks. We where then informed that he had been paid ninety three pound ( which he was not paid ) and that he would not receive anything else . After several weeks of telephone calls and emails we where frustrated but persistant, finally we received several threatening emails ( tonight 17/06/2011) staing that my brother in laws ( and wifes ) mother would be paid a visit at her home by some people if we did not drop this matter , and that WE where the scammers .

these emails are available to anyone that would like them (

these emails where sent from a staff members email in the legal dept but started at aprox nine pm , so i expect they where being sent from a location outside the office through a link in their intranet by a member of management or someone high up as they stated that they had his application form with all his details and that we didnt know who they where or were they posted from. If anyone has had similar dealings please contact me ( anarchy99) at the above email adress.

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