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Dotcom Chrome are crooks. They can only be stopped by cancelling your credit card.

They don't deliver the promised results, but that is not the worst part.

They will take multiple payments from your credit card; one every day, if you want to cancel their non-existing service. Even if you cancel the services, they will continue to take money out. If you get a call from this really smooth conman, just hang up.

This "company" has bogus addresses, telephone numbers and fake staff. Their website looks great, but don't touch them: you will certainly regret it. They even make their own positive reviews under non existent names and companies.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Anticipatory breach

A breach by anticipatory repudiation (or simply anticipatory breach) is an unequivocal indication that the party will not perform when performance is due, or a situation in which future non-performance is inevitable. An anticipatory breach gives the non-breaching party the option to treat such a breach as immediate, and, if repudiatory, to terminate the contract and sue for damages (without waiting for the breach to actually take place).

In laymans terms if you have complained to dotcomchrome about previous bad service on numerous occassions (always best to email them and reply every time with your original email that they have responded too and their reply) then they are in breach of contract and you in law can cancel

the agreement due to previous bad service.Make sure you also screen dump the pages when you find your not on page one as promised .dotcom chrome ltd will not give you the service that dotcom chrome sales promise you


as already said this company run one big scam telling you they will get you on google 24/7 .Dotcomchrome dont deliver what the sales person promises avoid dotcom chrome ltd

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