my name is jim from ireland and a pratt called maurice waul called me passing all sorts of threats giving me a deadline to pay up or else they be visiting my house so i told him to stay put and id get flight to manchester to see him in person and i would see just how tough he is ,,,, that was the last i heard from maurice the yellow ***!!!!! so maurice happy new year you chicken ***

you aint the tough guy you like to think are you *** you are really *** wipe maurice


jim x

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I have had the same problem with this company. They told me they were owed money 18 months ago, i tried to cancel and asked them to also send me an invoice as i would no longer deal with them on the phone, they refused.

Tried to cancel but they again wouldnt accept this.

Now they have send me a solicitors letter for £1937.48 i owe them.

I am reporting them to trading standards and will be in touch with my solicitor also


hi jim just to let you know this is a massive scam operation .. they are trading under a new name of dotcom platinum

there address is:

marsland house

ground floor

marsland road




m33 3aq

the people i asume who run it are ..

jamie mcdougall co owner


simon (manager)at sale branch

hope this help mate .

try and pass on to anyone who needs it..

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