Canvasser who rang from this so called company sold me the package over the phone it sounded good and resonable price .Promised for a fixed fee i would be on page 1 of google on the sponsored listings 24/7.After many complaints to customer services and there tech support team at dotcomchrome with rude responses i cancelled and would suggest people avoid this unprofessional company to this date there canvassers still phone saying there service is better now and will i try it again.Not on your life id rather throw my money out of the office door .I have since spoke to credit card comapny to get a refund due to evidence i have got against this so called company


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Iceberg media UK the new dot com chrome Google scam business

Alan from icebergmedia.co.uk total scam

Iceberg Media in Manchester, new Google scam - stay away from icebergmedia

Iceberg media Manchester scam!! Beware of Alan and Hans from Icebergmedia.co.uk


It’s just great to see people caring for this topic. I found it insightful in so many ways. This information should be educative for more categories of people.

London, London, United Kingdom #789653

EBS Marketing scam- based in manchester!EBS Enigma Business Solutions SCAM!

Beware!EBS Marketing Manchester SCAM!


harpoon media ltd use harpoonmedia.co.uk so beware!

harpoon media scam in Manchester

I have reported these guys to action fraud and the police for harassment

harpoonmedia in manchester, harpoon training services or mpd training ltd

all the same scam artists

harpoon media ltd Manchester reviews!


harpoon media scam in manchester, same links with dot com chrome and ebs marketing

it would not be long before they get caught out! google harpoon media reviews or harpoon media scam and read all about them


they have many names. harpoon training services ltd is a scam. harpoon media is a scam!

ran by jamie, of dotcom chrome. harpoon media ltd www.harpoonmedia.co.uk

stay away from harpoon media manchester

harpoon media ltd is the new face of .comchromer

London, Ontario, Canada #652122

harpoon media ltd is the new dotcom chrome scam. the same guys are running it


harpoon media in Manchester, same trading address as dotcom chrome

harpoon media ltd in Manchester . watch out I


Edge Development systems is a scam!

Guys this company as changed names its not .com chrome anymore its edge development systems !! and the address is not the same as the website leads to believe also the phone number for the company is 0161 or if ur phonin from outside uk 0044161 2610880 dont be put off guys.


I have been trying to contact Edge Development for almost a month now and any email address i got from them that i mail to contact me my mail come back as a failed Delivery , VERY VERY SUSPECT!!! ZAK is missing and MIKE is now MISSING so ill just not bother untill they contact me now and They can do without money as im off to auz and my credit card here is cancelled so hope you have fun Edge ,, Edge has Dot Com Chrome written all over it !!!!!!!!!!!


Edge Development Systems another scam company ran by Jamie and Zac Leonard

www.edgeppc.com or www.edgeds.eu

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